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We offer the only exchange traded Bitcoin options for you to make profit or hedge risk in both bullish or bearish markets.

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All Bitcoins are stored in the cold-storage. We manually check all withdrawals before processing them. Our platform is deliberately programmed as a robust and secure distributed system, which is then deployed on the Linux operating system. We are the first to publish weekly Bitcoin reserves audit reports.

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The core trading interface is built using C++ instead of sloppy languages like PHP. Trading in our platform feels like trading using a desktop program, with the only difference that you don't need to download and update it. There is no page refreshing, no waiting. Everything just shows up immediately right after your click.

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If you believe the price is going up, buy call options; otherwise buy put options. Don't know which direction to bet on? Buy call and put options at the same time! Owning Bitcoins? Hedge your risk using vanilla put options. Still have questions? Click the following button or chat with us.

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About Coinut

Coinut exchange is owned by COINUT PTE. LTD., a Singapore company, backed by BoostVC and Bitmain. Its registration information can be found on the Singapore goverment's website using its Unique Entity Number (UEN) 201332271K. Amazed by Bitcoin and the new possibilities it gives to people, the Coinut team has gathered experts from Computer Science and Finance to develop a secure and professional platform for people to trade options and possibly other derivatives in the future.