Technical Advisory & Education Services

Founded in 2013, our founders envisioned a world where Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are so well-integrated and immersed in our daily lives. Therefore, they endeavoured to build the most secure and user-friendly Cryptocurrency exchange platform where users can safely buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum. Headquartered in Singapore, with subsidiaries in Canada, Switzerland and Malaysia. Coinut seeks to pioneer blockchain innovations and the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. We actively organize workshops, event exhibitions and consulting sessions with institutions or individuals to provide our technical expertise in these areas. Stay tuned for more updates...

Overview of Services:

  • Blockchain technology workshops (Technical)
  • Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & ICO-related consulting
  • Digital currency adoption, security & compliance consulting

For more information on our consulting or education services, drop us a note at [email protected].

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