To minimize disruptions and continuous trading and investing in the platform, Coinut is now introducing the Live Chat Support feature to cryptocurrency exchange users in Singapore.

Less hassle and minimal disruptions

When users run into problems or need to ask questions, they can now immediately contact support just by opening the Live Chat window, without the need to stop everything else that they are doing. Users can also share rich media such as links and screenshots. Live Chat also monitors and records the sessions and saves transcripts of the conversations for further use, such as saving the user the hassle of repeating the issue when it is raised to a different support agent.

Readily accessible and complete information

Users can now be assisted seamlessly while they are going through onboarding, KYC (Know-Your-Customer) verification, making deposits, withdrawing funds, and other transactions.

Happier customer relationships

Smoother, uninterrupted, and happier customer relationships are the core of Live Chat support. As issues are sensitive, Live Chat promotes and maintains a positive tone (compared to other customer services, e.g., phone calls) to forge smoother and happier customer relationships. Studies have shown that Live Chat is the preferred choice of many customers and has the highest customer satisfaction level of any support channel. Live Chat support agents can monitor three to five chat sessions, making it work five times faster than phone calls and more for emails.

Wrap Up

Apparently, customers nowadays not only prefer Live Chat but expect it to be available too. Currently, our Live Chat support is available to Singaporean users only. We are working hard to deliver you its wider coverage in the future. Through our Live Chat support, our users can get a real-time response and back-and-forth conversations with support agents for their concerns, access support from anywhere in Singapore,  and trade with less hassle and minimal disruptions.

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