Efficiency not only greatly affects user experiences but also determines whether your strategy works or not. We thus take it seriously and try to optimize it in all aspects including the server location, hardware configuration, software stacks, programming languages, database tuning, network protocol, and web interface.

Here, we want to emphasize a few key ingredients that make our exchange extremely fast. First, our backend is architected into a distributed system that is highly available and scalable. Parallel processing is also used everywhere to make the system more efficient. Second, our web server is based on C++ instead of scripting languages such as PHP or Ruby. The compilation process of C++ programs eliminates most errors and most importantly, results in hundreds times better efficiency than PHP. Third, we use WebSocket whenever possible to stream web content and data from our server into your browser in order to cut the response time to the bone.

As a result, trading in our platform feels like trading using a desktop program, with the only difference that you don't need to download and update it. There is no page refreshing, and no waiting. Everything just shows up immediately right after your click.