Who are you?
Coinut is an exchange platform for Bitcoin based options. You can trade either cash-or-nothing binary options or European vanilla options here. We could extend our business to other derivatives in the future. Information about our team can be found here
What are options, and how to trade it?

Please check our introductions and tutorials on this page.

How do you protect my money?

Please check this page.

How to deposit or withdraw?

To deposit, after you login, click the "Funding" tab and transfer Bitcoins to the address shown in that page. To withdraw, click the "Funding" tab and fill in the destination address and click the Withdraw button. It could take up to one business day because we are currently manually processing withdraw requests. Currently, we support Bitcoin only. We may support fiat currency like USD in the future.

What is the contract size?

The contract size for both binary and vanilla options is 0.01 BTC.

How do you calculate the price index?

We use a weighted average of major Bitcoin exchanges, which is difficult to manipulate. For more details, please see this.

What if the seller defaults?

  • For binary options, it is impossible for the sellers to default, because the maximum possible loss of sellers is fixed at the very beginning. The system automatically checks the user's balance and reserves enough margin that covers the maximum possible loss before the user actually sell an option.
  • For vanilla options, sellers need to deposit enough funds as margin in order to open orders/positions. Also, our system keeps monitoring and adjusting every user's margin in real-time, and in case a user's free margin is below zero, the system immediately cancels the user's orders and liquidates his/her positions using market orders. Specifically, the system incrementally cancels orders first, and if this does not release enough margin, positions will be closed incrementally until there is enough margin.
Margin requirements can be found here.

How much margin is required?

Please see here.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do. We pay weekly those who introduced other users a portion of our commission. You are always welcome to participate. For more details, please check here.

What are the fees?

Please check here.

What do Volume and Open Interest mean?

Volume is the number of option contracts being exchanged between buyers and sellers.
Open interest is the number of option contracts that are still open and held by traders. These options have not been closed out, expired or exercised.

What's the default timezone?

The default time zone is GMT+0. You can change your timezone from your Profile page.