Coinut (formerly Coin Ultimate Trading) undergoes a new company evolution, amending its brand name to “Coins U Trust” across its business web and social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) profiles starting today, November 1st, 2022 SGT.

The rationale for Coinut’s change of brand name to “Coins U Trust” emerges from the company’s dedication to an established platform that is maintained by trust, security and great customer service to its users.

As a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platform started in 2013, Coinut (Coins U Trust) acquired the Money Service Business licence in Canada in 2018 and is currently working on its pending applications for obtaining the licence from MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore), the central bank of Singapore, as well as the licence from Ontario Securities Commission. The cryptocurrencies traded in the platform are selected after thorough due diligence, particularly, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), USDT US dollar stablecoin, XSGD Singapore dollar stablecoin and XIDR Indonesian Rupiah stablecoin. Accordingly, meme coins and other popular yet extempore cryptocurrencies are excluded.

In line with the platform’s vision as the most secure crypto exchange, Coinut pushes for ISO 27001 and Data Protection Trust Mark (DPTM). Currently, Coinut collaborates with Coinbase Custody, Fireblocks, Advance.AI, Notabene and insurance companies to protect customers’ cryptocurrencies and personal data in its exchange.

To facilitate a crypto exchange that is earnest to the customers’ needs, Coinut equips its users with up-to-date customer service in the forms of live chat support (currently for SG users only), telegram group chats as well as 7x365 standard for responses to tickets and emails, manifesting the company’s steadfast observation of respect, politeness, amiability or goodwill and confidentiality.

Coinut, now officially established as Coins U Trust, is a web-based and mobile app cryptocurrency exchange platform for anyone to buy/sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Coinut (Coins U Trust) will continue to use the domain names:, and as well as the mobile-app, Coinut, at Google Play Store or Apple Store, to trade cryptocurrencies. Institutional traders or high-net-worth individuals are granted over-the-counter (OTC) trading services through WhatsApp, Wechat and Telegram text messaging apps.

Coinut is associated with major brands such as Litecoin and the Litecoin Foundation as well as Xfers. Coinut’s co-founder and CEO, Xinxi Wang, is a core developer at Litecoin and a co-founder of the Litecoin Foundation. Xfers, now established as Fazz Finance, is the main banking service partner of Coinut, enabling Singaporean, Indonesian and global users to buy and withdraw cryptos in the platform using SGD and IDR currencies.

Xinxi Wang, CEO & Co-Founder of Coinut, said, “'Coins U Trust' instils a brand that is more memorable, meaningful, adorable and adaptable.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: 📢 is a financial entity regulated in Canada and an exempt entity under the Payment Services Act in Singapore. Please be reminded that cryptocurrency trading is highly risky and is not suitable for the general public. For more info, please visit Our Disclosure Statement.