Security is one of the main fortes of Coinut as a cryptocurrency exchange. Following the recent high-profile incidents like the collapse of FTX and the crash of LUNA, the importance of having a robust security infrastructure has never been more evident. Having 9 years of being in the business, Coinut takes a step forward in keeping its clients’ digital assets or cryptocurrencies secured and ensured from cyber hacks and other causes of loss of funds by signing up with qualified and regulated cryptocurrency custodian, Coinbase Custody.

Coinbase, as a leading global crypto company, has obtained various licenses and regulatory approvals from different regulatory bodies worldwide. Coinbase is registered with FinCEN and licensed as a money transmitter in various states and US territories. Coinbase is also a BitLicense holder in New York State. Additionally, Coinbase complies with applicable provisions of the BSA, OFAC, and other pertinent regulations. Coinbase recently received In-Principle Approval (IPA) as a Major Payments Institution licensee from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). With its ability to hold over 360 different assets in custody and $320 million in insurance protection, Coinbase provides an institutional grade, secure and reliable solution for crypto custody.

At Coinut, security is of utmost importance, and the company recognizes the need to protect clients' assets from cyber attacks and other causes of loss of funds. This has been amplified with the biggest crypto crashes last year, such as the crash of LUNA, and the recent collapse of the third biggest crypto exchange, FTX, which have raised concerns in both investors and regulators about the security and insurance of cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges to protect those who invest in them.

To address this concern, Coinut keeps the cryptocurrency exchange platform safe and secure, guaranteeing the existence of the digital assets or cryptocurrencies in the platform and engaging a qualified cryptocurrency custodian, Coinbase Custody, to hold the assets.

Xinxi Wang, founder & CEO of Coinut, said, “As a crypto hodler, I believe in "not your keys, not your crypto." As an exchange, we painstakingly uphold our fiduciary duty of taking good care of the assets. Crypto is still in its early stage. We still have a long way to go. There is no need to rush. Do what we should do.”


Digital payment token investments, such as cryptocurrencies, are not guaranteed by service providers or cryptocurrency exchanges and the government. It is crucial to exercise caution in investing, including the awareness that a part or all of the capital may be lost and may not be recovered especially in cases of high price volatility or down market, bankruptcy, seizures and other factors. Hence, the user’s risk tolerance, investment appetite or capacity for loss should be set firstly and they should observe safe and knowledgeable investment practices accordingly. For more information, please visit MAS' website.

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