Layer 2 technology has several benefits for the cryptocurrency industry. First, it improves the user experience and accessibility of dApps and DEXs, as users can interact with them more quickly and cheaply. This can boost the adoption and innovation of decentralized finance (DeFi) and other sectors that rely on smart contracts and peer-to-peer transactions. Second, it enhances the security and scalability of the main chain, as it reduces the risk of network congestion and attacks. This can increase the confidence and trust in the blockchain and its underlying value proposition. Third, it creates new opportunities and challenges for centralized exchanges (CEXs), as it changes the competitive landscape and customer expectations.

CEXs are platforms that facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies between users using a centralized intermediary. While CEXs have some advantages over DEXs, such as higher liquidity, faster execution, more trading pairs, better customer support, and compliance with regulations, they also have some drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is custodial risk - the risk that the exchange will not be able to return user funds.

There have been several instances where exchanges have shut down without being able to return user funds. For example, in 2020 at least 75 crypto exchanges closed down due to hacks, scams or simply disappeared for unknown reasons. Another high-profile failure was the collapse of FTX on November 11, 2022, which declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. These events highlight the importance of carefully choosing a reputable exchange and being aware of the risks involved in trading cryptocurrencies.

Layer 2 technology presents a unique opportunity for CEXs to strengthen their product proposition by becoming more compliant with anti-money laundering laws while also supporting Layer 2 withdrawals and deposits. By doing so, CEXs can offer faster and cheaper transactions while maintaining regulatory compliance. This can improve customer satisfaction and retention as users can enjoy the convenience and liquidity of CEXs along with the speed and affordability of Layer 2 solutions.

At Coinut, we are committed to being a fully compliant digital asset management platform that provides users with fair, fast, and secure transactions. While we are not yet able to offer Layer 2 deposits and withdrawals, we do offer OTC services with a minimum order size of $5000 USD. The cryptocurrency we send will be directly deposited into our customer’s non-custodial wallets. Additionally, we are actively exploring ways to expand our services to include a fair and reliable Crypto to Fiat service. Our dedication to providing the best possible experience for our customers is unwavering and we are constantly working to stay at the forefront of the latest technology in the cryptocurrency industry. If you’re interested in making an OTC trade with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more about our services.


Digital payment token investments, such as cryptocurrencies, are not guaranteed by service providers or cryptocurrency exchanges and the government. It is crucial to exercise caution in investing, including the awareness that a part or all of the capital may be lost and may not be recovered especially in cases of high price volatility or down market, bankruptcy, seizures and other factors. Hence, the user’s risk tolerance, investment appetite or capacity for loss should be set firstly and they should observe safe and knowledgeable investment practices accordingly. For more information, please visit MAS' website.

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